Non-Healing Foot Wounds

By Bryan C. Kramer, MD - February 24, 2020

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Non-Healing Foot Wounds
  •      If you have a wound or opening in the skin on your toes or foot, and it does not heal in 4 weeks, you need to see a vascular surgeon immediately.
  •      Wounds are usually on toes or the front part of the foot, but can be in other places.
  •      Usually the wounds start with minor trauma to the foot.
  •      Most important is to notice that the wound is NOT HEALING normally or getting worse.
  •      The wound may not be healing because your arteries are blocked, and cannot deliver enough blood flow and oxygen to heal the injured tissue.
  •      If this happens to you, please see a vascular surgeon right away.
  •      This is a limb threatening situation- you can lose your leg above or below the knee without treatment.
  •      Treatment-  Includes both minimally invasive and open surgical treatment to restore enough arterial blood flow to heal the wound.  Only a vascular surgeon has the expertise to perform all possible treatments for this, and they can help choose the right one for your individual situation.
                            Bryan C. Kramer, MD
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